(i) Analytical Services: The SAIFs offer the following analytical services:
a) The SAIFs carry out analysis of samples received from scientists/institutions and provide spectra/results of analysis on routine basis.
b)Facilities and assistance for sample preparation are provided to the users, if needed.
c)Testing of quality of raw material and end products is done for industries/users. Providing solution to analytical problems.

(ii) Short term Courses/Training Programmes/Workshops :
a) On use and applications of various instruments and analytical techniques for research students, teachers and personnel from academic institutions, R&D labs and industries.
b) On repair/maintenance and operation of sophisticated instruments for technicians.

(iii) Development of new measurement/analytical techniques: Apart from providing routine analytical techniques/methods of analysis available on the instruments, efforts are made by the SAIFs to develop new techniques/methods of analysis to put the instruments to their full use and offer them to the scientists for exploring new dimensions in research in various areas of science and technology.