Research Area Wise Facilitities Available

Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility, Dharwad

Instruments make Model Major Specifications/ Accessories available Type of measurement/analysis available Current Status Lab Contact Details
Scanning Electron Microscope With EDS jeol Working
Technical Staff : Mr. Rajanagouda Shivalli
Contact No : 8792425612
Email Id :
2Resonance Methods (NMR/EPR/Mossbaur Spectroscopy)
FT-NMR Spectrometer (400 MHz) jeol JNM-ECZ400S Working
Technical Staff : Mr. Pavan Bennur
Contact No : 7795979950
Email Id :
3X-Ray based Methods
X-Ray Diffractometer (Powder) japan SmartlabSE Fully automated alignment under computer control. Optional in-plane diffraction arm for in-plane measurements without reconfiguration. Focusing and parallel beam geometries without reconfiguration. SAXS capabilities. Optional D/teXUltra high-speed, position-sensitive detector system. 2Ø: 2' to 150' Input : AC220V-230V IPhase 50/60Hz 40A Under Maintenance
Technical Staff : Mr. Akash Badami
Contact No : 8050122306
Email Id :